Ms. Jeppesen

Being this my ENG3U1 ISU,

I decided to use as my foundation for an information blog rather than using GoogleSites because I found the themes and format more appealing and thought it would be best if I included all necessary information in addition to a considerable appearance. The tabs along the side act as subtopics of which, as a whole, consist of a rough biography of Hitler and his struggles for power. I have also included events that directly connect to Hitler throughout those tabs. As you go through each page, you will find that the statements with quotation marks around them are either the majority of which I have taken from my reading logs or statements regarding information from external sources which are both displayed in Notes and cited below in the Works Cited content. You can also notice that I have used a number of different methods to incorporate media instead of the component consisting only of the blog itself. A video, poem, and news article are a few examples. Overall, you can conclude that the reading portion of this task has been applied through the reading logs; the writing bit is covered through the pages of the rough biography; and without question, the media fragment speaks for itself.

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